Lena Wiksten
Sirkankatu 34
28120 Pori
Gsm 046-5638456

Presentation in English

Kielipalvelu-Språktjänst  Lena Wiksten language service is my marketing name under which I offer training and translation services, which are primarily meant to businesses and organizations. The main languages are Finnish and Swedish. I have a long experience in teaching Swedish at all educational levels. In addition, I have taught Swedish and Swedish-language conversation for the staff of companies in various industries. I have also taught Finnish in both Swedish and Finnish educational institutions.

I translate both from Finnish into Swedish and from Swedish into Finnish. I have translated newspaper articles, speeches, brochures and advertisements, political programs, instructions and game rules, documentary films such as a nature film. My specialties are society and politics, economics and business, food, nutrition and health.

Already in my youth I did translation and interpreting jobs hobby wise, when still at school and as a student, so I have an extensive and long experience of them. I have grown up in a bilingual home, where we spoke Swedish with my father and Finnish with my mother. In my opinion Swedish and Finnish are equally strong languages for me. I did my studies mostly in Swedish, with the exception of some testimonials at the Summer University, and I have lived in a Finnish city of almost all my life.

I have worked with language correction in both Swedish and Finnish. I have checked and corrected the Finnish language in a book about wild animals in Finland as well as the language of several diploma works and graduate thesis and in some cases even translated them.

I collaborate with a cooperative society named Eezy and when I'm doing a project, I am employed by Eezy,  which charges my billings, pays my wages, takes care of my advance taxes, pension contributions, VAT and payroll taxes. When you order a service from me, you function, therefore, just like with a company. When you do business with me, you do not have to worry about obligations related to the employer status.

When you need my services, you are welcome to contact me via email at lena.wiksten(at)kielipalvelulenawiksten.fi